Adam Brown

Keyboards - Live/Session Musician


STudio work

Lately I've been spending a majority of my time working in a recording studio as a member of the team at Last Day Productions. Working with this team has opened all kinds of new doors for me, and it's been a blast getting back into the creative side of things. 

While many of our local clients tend to be country artists, we are expanding into other genres as the business expands. You can find some of the tracks we've recorded together with local artists in the Spotify Playlist below.

Our country clientele has included Nic Strain, Garrett Biggs, Randall Creed, Dylan Raymond, and Kris Anderson - whose viral farming music video has attracted over 609,000 views on Facebook. We've also recently completed a modern Contemporary Christian album with John Henderson and Andrea Thurlow. 

Outside of Last Day Productions, I have recorded with artists from the Kremblems team, based in Minneapolis. They have recently started to stir up quite a buzz in the Twin Cities Indie scene! 

Perhaps one of the most transformative projects of my life was when I recorded with the Afrobeat band Black Market Brass as a member of the band for their debut EP on Secret Stash Records. This was the experience that forced me to learn to serve the track. Authentic Afrobeat music uses the same instruments that James Brown used, musically arranged in a similar way. You HAVE to find ways to contribute to groove and texture in that setting without getting in the way of 11 other people.


I'm looking to take on more work as a studio musician for all types of projects, and I like to stay busy. I'm fluent in many, many styles, and would be able to give your project that extra something that makes it sound more full and professional. 

My rate is $150 per song. If we find that I need to be brought on as a co-producer for a given track, we can discuss rates specific to the project. 


Please visit my contact page to book me to write parts for, co-produce, and/or play on your track. Paid work only. 

-- Adam

Official music video for Nic Strain's single "Hello Summertime"
Video and Music produced by Last Day Productions